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Adventurer Leveling Guide!

Leveling an adventurer can be a fun, rewarding experience. Or it can be a terrible, painful experience. A lot of it depends on how you use your character. An Adventurer has three things going for him. He has a decent intellect, he almost always goes first, and he does decent damage. You can combine these to create a wizard/hitter hybrid.

Adventurers cast spells with mana crystals. Each mana crystal costs 5 gold, so if you're starting an Adventurer, you might not have enough money to purchase spells and mana. Plus, leveling is faster using a melee weapon.

Your alignment choice will also change your spell selection, so depending if you're soloing or grouping, you may want to give this some thought.

From level 1- 20ish, you should be able to level with your adm. club or adm. 2-hander. You start in your house. Open the door and go through it, then walk down, out of the screen. You'll be in East Leinster city, commonly reffered to as EL. You can head a few screens to the right, and up one, to make it out to the monsters.

From this point, you should keep the city wall on your left side, and hunt your way in a large circle. The idea is to go all the way around the city in a counter-clockwise circle. You'll find new enemies whenever you change walls. For example the east wall, the north wall, the west wall, and the south wall.

There are three skills you should be aware of as you circle the town. First, improve your weapon skill. Second, work on your meditation skill. The last skill you should get is mysticism level 1. Note though, that you can't move on to the next area until you get hold monster.

Once you have that, head north of murias and hunt bounty hunters. Put on an intellect set (2 rings and ammy) for this. Your tactic for these guys is as follows: Hold monster, followed by much bashing of swords. If you feel this is too rough on you, see the wizzy leveling guide. Run these guys until you either hit level 75, or find a hitter at level 75+ using a magical mace. If you plan on soloing, use these levels to pick up mace 5, and then work on sorcery. Sorcery will give you extension around skill level 4. It'll increase your hold time, giving you more time to kill the aegis.

That's right, you should be able to solo aegis with little problem. You'll need to stick to the lower hitpoint ones at first, until you pick up extend. The big danger with aegis is that they summon elementals. You can still kill an aegis even after it's summoned an elemental, but you've only got 2-3 rounds at most to do so.

Hunt them until you hit 200. At 200, you can use a bc if you're strong enough, or a wrath if you're not, and follow the hitter guide of hunting wyrms(baby dragons) in the desert, followed by knights. You have more flexability at any given task, but you'll take longer than a specialist.


You'll want to switch gear depending on whether or not you'll be running more like a warrior, or more like a wizard.

Stick with mythril armor, and switch between aoc's/roe's and aoi's/roi's as situation dictates.