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Creating your Character!

Once you've installed The Realm Online to your computer, and have created your account, you're ready to create your first character.

At the character screen, you'll notice that you have four empty slots. You can create a character for each spot. Click create to get started.

In this screen, you see several options. The giant face on the left side of the screen is particularly noticable. First though, you need to decide what sort of character to create. Do you want to be an ASGW (All Strength Giant Warrior), termed a hitter, or an AIEW (All Intellect Elven Wizard), termed a wizzy, or maybe a thief or an adventurer.

For the purposes of a first character, I suggest the ASGW. They're easy to use and to level, and they do a great job of introducing you to the realm.

On the left hand side of the screen is a toggle that moves between giant, human, orc, and elf. These are the races. Giants have a high strength and a high endurance, but low intellect and dexterity. Elves are the opposite, with a high dex and int, and low str and end.. The human and orc both sit in the middle.

You'll want to select giant, if it's not already. Now, you want to pick a gender. Is your character male or female? This has some, not much, but some bearing on the equipment your character uses. Next, you want to select your height and width, on the bottom right of the screen. Now, play around with the options around the face. Find something that looks right to you. Once you've got a face you can live with, it's time to hit next.

This screen is all about class. Are you a warrior, wizard, thief, or adventurer? For the purposes of this character, choose warrior. Notice that on the left side of the screen, all four stats are displayed, as well as a green circle in the bottom with the number 8. 8 is how many points you have to assign to the other stats. For an ASGW, all eight get put into strength. As you can imagine, this makes you hit HARD. VERY HARD.

You have three choices left to make. The first one is alignment. Good, neutral, or Evil. I suggest you go with good, so the creatures of the realm will heal you when you become wounded. Your second choice is your character name. You may not be able to use the name you want. It has to be available. Active characters and characters who have been unactive for a short period of time have their names locked to their account. Accounts that have been inactive for a long period of time have their character names released back into the name pool. If the account owner reactivates that account, he/she has to choose new character names if the old ones have been used.

The final item to fill in is a description. When a person looks at your character in detail, they'll see that description. It will also appear next to your name where it is listed in the channel index (more on this later!).

Hit create. If everything goes well, you'll appear back at the server screen with three empty character slots, and one character ready to play.

Special note: If you decide you don't like your character and want to delete it, you have to leave your starting equipment and money on that character, or otherwise wait three days.

Now, it's time to learn about your Interface.