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Gearing Up!

The Realm is a game about two things. Levels, and gear. There are many different types of gear, with different abilities. A lot of these items are particularly useful only while hunting in one area, or running one specific dungeon.

As a new character, you've started off with a set of newbie gear in your inventory. This gear is intended to let you survive, not flourish, in the realm online. The easiest and fastest way to gear up is to ask for help.

Yep. The realm has many wonderful people who are willing to help YOU get started. Channel 4, in your gossip tab, is where you should go to start looking for a mentor. Generally, this person will want to know a few things about your character. What is your build? Are you an asgw (All Strength Giant Warrior), or an aiew (All Intelligence Elven Wizard).

Is your character male or female? There are items that can only be used by one gender or the other, so this question is important.


There are several different item slots in which you can equip things. They are:

Ring 1
Ring 2

Each item can be enchanted. Enchanting an item is a somewhat costly and time consuming endeavor. Each enchant on an item costs either 500mana or 1000mana. That's 2500-5000g each attempt. And not every attempt will be successful. Also, the more enchants you go for, the greater the chance that your item will disintegrate instead of being enchanted. The current practical limit on enchanting is 5x, or five different enchantments. Items that are clean are items with no enchantments on them. Basic items for each slot are listed below:


Helmet: Wiz Cap, Raptor, Saurian
Cowl: Mythril, Cloth, Troll Leather
Chest: Mythril Plate, Plate of Invulnerability, Troll Leather
Bracers: Bracers of Defense, Mythril Bracers, Fin Bracers
Belt: Belt of Strength, Belt of Carrying
Pants: Mythril Leggings, Troll Leather Leggings
Boot: Boots of Nimbility, Fin Boots
Weapon: Adm 2-hander, Adm Club, Adm Mace, Adm Thrower
Shield: Wooden, Magic
Ring 1: Ring of Intelligence, Ring of Endurance
Ring 2: Ring of Intelligence, Ring of Endurance
Amulet: Amulet of Intelligence, Amulet of Combat
Baldric: Cloth Baldric, Fin Sash
Robe/Skirt: Cloth Robe/Skirt
Backpack: Standard Backpack

These items are basic equipment for new characters, and you'll likely find yourself receiving 3x-5x versions of them.

If, however, you want to experience the game without help, then by all means do so. The standard path for gaining equipment is to amass as much gold as possible while hunting, then to visit the Mythril Armor shop to purchase a set of gear. Then save up money to pay for someone to 3x each piece. It's important to get a good weapon first, as it will help you gather wealth much faster.

Now that you've got an idea about gearing up, lets see about Leveling Up.