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Don't let the Copper get me!


Coppers are used to purchase items to decorate your house and lawn with. These items are called sticky items, which means that once you put them down at your home, you're the only one who can pick them back up.

Coppers can be accumulated through two manners. Gm's often come on and host games. These games pop up in a special events tab, which can be disabled if desired. The reward for playing these games is a small amount of coppers.

The second manner is through purchasing them from other players. While you cannot purchase coppers directly, you can trade another player for an item that cost coppers to purchase. You can then go back and sell that item to the copper vendor to recover the exact cost in coppers.

Be warned, some items cost a large number of coppers, and it can take a lot of time to accumulate enough coppers for even a single fountain.

Coppers are prizes you win for playing Event Games. There are 3 types of Event Games.

1. The Bronze Events are unscheduled and can happen at any time. These do not open the Events tab.

NOTE: The best way to be able to participate in the Bronze Events is to add Event Hosts to your Friends list. This way you will know when they come online and will be able to go to channel 3 to find out if games are being played.

2. Silver Events are scheduled and open the Events Tab where you will be provided with details of the games being played. The tab will remain open until the Event ends.

3. Gold Events are scheduled and open the Events tab. The tab will remain open for a set amount of time (usually several days), with games being played at any time on it. When a game is in progress during Gold Events, details will be provided on the Events tab.

The amount of coppers you can win from playing Event Games varies depending on type of Event and Game being played.

You spend your coppers at Swap N Shop in Leinster and Gardens R Usk in Usk.

* Leinster Swap N Shop is located WL tp 3U 2R or left from EL tp 2U and Left.

* Gardens R Usk is located Usk 1U 2R (inside, 1D). Gardens R Usk is a two room store with the copper items being located down from the main room.

Swap N Shop Price List

Left Web: 15 coppers
Center Web: 17 coppers
Right Web: 20 coppers
Skull: 29 coppers
Altar: 50 coppers

Torch: 85 coppers
Fountain: 150 coppers

Mushroom: 170 coppers
Mushroom Right: 170 coppers
Mushroom Left: 170 coppers
Sitting Rock Right: 190 coppers
Sitting Rock Left: 190 coppers
Stool: 215 coppers
Stool Right: 215 coppers
Stool Left: 215 coppers
Chair: 245 coppers
Chair Right: 245 coppers
Chair Left: 245 coppers
Stone Bench: 280 coppers
Stone Bench Right: 280 coppers
Stone Bench Left: 280 coppers

Basket: 325 coppers
Dresser: 395 coppers
Storage Box: 462 coppers
Closet: 512 coppers
Strong Box: 1021 coppers

Gardens R Usk Price List

Bouquet: 28 coppers

Aster: 24 coppers
Small Cactus: 16 coppers
Medium Cactus: 27 coppers
Large Cactus: 43 coppers
Fully Grown Cactus: 52 coppers
Chrysanthemum: 26 coppers
Daisy: 19 coppers
Narcissi: 22 coppers
Nasturtium: 15 coppers
Polyantha: 17 coppers

Chrysanthemum: 46 coppers
Daisy: 39 coppers
Polyantha: 37 coppers
Rose: 62 coppers

Rose Bushes: 123 coppers

Hoya Trellis:
Cascade: 200 coppers
Cross: 152 coppers
Wall: 171 coppers
Window: 167 coppers

Coppers may also be traded or moved from one toon to another.

NOTE: In order to sell the items back to the SNS Shopkeepers, you must click on them and click sell. Dragging the item to them will not work. SNS Shopkeepers will only buy back the items they sell themselves. The Leinster SNS will not buy the Usk items and vice versa. They will also not buy any items that are not copper items. They will in fact, call you a cheater and throw you off the game.

To move your coppers from one of your toons to another one if you do not have multiple accounts:

1. On toon #1, purchase an item from SnS.
2. Place the item in a backpack.
3. Drop the backpack in one of your alts houses.
4. Have the toon who is to recieve the coppers pick up the backpack and remove the item.
5. Sell the item back to SNS for the full copper amount.

To move your coppers from one of your toons to another one if you do have multiple accounts:

1. Purchase an item from the SnS.
2. Hand the item to your other toon.
3. Have other toon sell the item back to SnS for the full copper

To sell your coppers to another player:

1. Determine the gold cost for the amount of coppers to be traded.
2. Buy the item from SNS.
3. Sell the item to the other player for gold.
4. Other player returns item to SnS for the full copper amount.

NOTE: this method can also be used to purchase coppers from other players

I want to thanks the player(s) who worked to make this information complete and available. The majority of this info was taken from a mm that was sent to me by a helpful player. If the author or authors of this material wish to take credit for this work, please either contact me through the links page, or /t Pyramid in The Realm Online! I would love to give credit where credit is due :)