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Leveling Up

So, you've just leveled up! Grats :) But what does it mean?

Every time you gain a level, your hit points increase. You also gain a build point. What is a build point?

You accumulate build points, and then expend them to learn specific abilities. Some examples would be learning how to cast first level mysticism spells, first level club weapon skill, first level critical strike skill. Each skill has five levels to it.

So, what should you do with your skill points? Assuming you're running the ASGW suggested earlier, you would gm maces, which is one way to say that you would purchase and learn all five skill levels of maces.

Then, you might start picking up Thaumaturgy. Thaum gives you the power to cast healing spells, along with several other nice spells. You could also pick up some skill in critical striking, as that will increase your melee damage.

As you level up, and gain more skills, your character will become more versatile and therefore more powerful within The Realm.

So, what do you do now?