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Sorted by table in Classic Realm Style.

Misc Items
  • Non-Event Items
    • Baskets
    • Quest

      Acorns from Usk Master Maul
      Aldonzo's Lunch Master Alchemy
      Andrea's Lunch Master Armorsmith
      Apricots Master Club
      Beef Jerky Grandmaster Axe
      Carved Stork Grandmaster Theurgism
      Fenibretta Grandmaster Shield Usage
      Frick's Lunch Grandmaster Weaponsmith
      Ghoud's Lunch Grandmaster Short Sword
      Inila's Jellied Berries Master Tracking
      Lari's Smoked Stripe Master Tracking
      Marti's Lunch Master Mysticism
      Misha's Bread Master Tracking
      Salldii Sweetmeats     Grandmaster Mace
      Smoked Stripe Expert Traps, Grandmaster Maul
      Wen Cheese Master Tracking
      Black Mushrooms Expert Healing
      Care Basket for Sandor Master Tracking
      Food Basket Grandmaster Mysticism
      Fresh Fruit Master Weaponsmith, Grandmaster Acrobatics
      Jellied Berries Master Healing, Master Weaponsmith, Expert Theurgism
      Mixed Grain Master Acrobatics
      Sunberry Seeds                      ?


    • Boxes

      Small Boxes


      Apricot Tart Master Clubs
      Birch Bark Master Weaponsmith
      Blackberry Roots Grandmaster Maul
      Carved Squirrel Master Shield Usage
      Cinnamon Rolls Grandmaster Critical Strike
      Clay Pots Grandmaster Daggers
      Cold Drink Holster Master Weaponsmith
      Cookies for Kaliri Master Meditation
      Curious Desert Rock Master Meditation
      Daemon Token Master Traps
      Desert Rock Master Clubs
      Doforth's Lunch Grandmaster Club
      Embroidered Shawl Master Throwing Dagger
      Eugenie's Candles ?
      Fossil Rock Master Throwing Dagger
      Fossil of Scorpion Master Maces
      Hana's Brush Grandmaster Armorsmith
      Inila's Supplies Grandmaster Weaponsmith
      Meego's Cheese Grandmaster Thaumaturgy
      New Pattern Master Theurgism
      Package for Nika Master Maul
      Petrified Peat Master Mace
      Polishing Cloth Master Armorsmith
      Randa's Hand Drill Grandmaster Weaponsmith
      Scented Candles Master Thaumaturgy, Master Throwing Dagger
      Sea Snail Fossil Grandmaster Short Sword
      Snack for Troels Grandmaster Two-Handed Sword
      Speckled Minter Grandmaster Two-Handed Sword
      Supplies for Astrid Grandmaster Mace
      Supplies for Usk Master Necromancy
      Troll Sacred Stone ?
      Troll Sacred Stone Master Maul
      Tuft of Fenri Fur ?
      Vegetable Leftovers Expert Necromancy
      Vigo's Lunch Proficient Necromancy
      Warrior Statue Master Club
      Wolf's Tail Grandmaster Necromancy
      Wooden Puzzle                     Grandmaster Long Sword, Grandmaster Healing                                    

      Large Boxes


      Bolla Brew Grandmaster Critical Strike
      Cotton Plant ?
      Driftwood Expert Necromancy, Grandmaster Healing
      Grinding Stone Master Acrobatics
      Manonor's Order Master Armorsmith
      Metal Shielding Master Traps
      Mulen's Supplies Expert Healing
      Nattan's Sharpening Stone Grandmaster Theurgism
      Private Stock Ale Grandmaster Daggers
      Supplies for Lari Grandmaster Maul
      Supplies for Malina ?
      Wool Skeins Master Theurgism
      Zuzu's antique         Master Necromancy    
      Special Boxes  



      Gift Box

      (ex. Gift for Cozener)
      Master Axe, Grandmaster Shield Usage, Grandmaster Acrobatics
      Package from the Dark Elves Expert Sorcery
      Scrap of Faerie Mantle Grandmaster Elementalism
      Scon's Scarf Grandmaster Necromancy
      Kaliri's Sweet

      Proficient Necromancy


    • Pvp Awards



      2005 Red Award
      2005 Orange Award
      2005 Purple Award
      2005 Pink Award


    • Tubes


      Ancient Bird Bits Proficient Mysticism
      Bat's Whisker Master Necromancy
      Compost Worms Expert Elementalism
      Dill for Sanria Master Meditation
      Feather from Kurz Master Two-Handed Sword
      Fragment of Club Grandmaster Club
      Goblin Letter Opener Grandmaster Axe
      Hair of Ancient Bat Master Mysticism
      Sash of Despothes Grandmaster Short Sword
      Scon's Package Grandmaster Necromancy
      Tube of Red Paint Grandmaster Dagger
      Wonduri's Package  Master Critical Strike    


  • Enid's Symbols


    Hieroglyphic from Ancient Asgard Familiar Meditation
    Hieroglyphic from Murias Grandmaster Mace
    Token of Enid Grandmaster Meditation
    Talisman of Baroq the Bald                              Grandmaster Long Sword 


  • Fingers
  • Quest

    Rattle of Snake ?
    Giant Gnat's Ear Familiar Mysticism
    Skeleton Finger Bone Expert Necromancy
    Troll Toe Master Long Sword
    Shield Relic ?
    Ancient Flint Axehead Master Axe
    Gravestone Chip Proficient Traps
    Finvarra Spike Fragment Grandmaster Maul
    Fenri Fang Familiar Necromancy
    Ratling Toenail Familiar Thaumaturgy
    Banshee Relic Master Thaumaturgy
    Piece of Flint Master Mace
    Primitive Tool Fragment                 Master Critical Strike      


  • Jewelry
  • Quest

    Amulet of Nemat Proficient Theurgism
    Polished Golden Amulet Master Acrobatics
    Amulet of Nemor Expert Theurgism
    Talisman of Arnold Master Throwing Dagger
    Amulet of Freddie Grandmaster Throwing Dagger
    Amulet of Protection Grandmaster Critical Strike
    The Amulet of Tamen Familiar Theurgism
    Amulet of Baroq Grandmaster Theurgism
    Orc Amulet Familiar Elementalism
    Amulet of Finvarra Grandmaster Throwing Dagger
    Amulet of Blue Steel Grandmaster Short Sword
    Amulet of Romen Master Theurgism
    Heirloom Ring Master Clubs
    Ring of Jaqqar's Father    Proficient Sorcery  


  • Misc. Items


    Lucky Piece Master Maul
    Polished Stone Expert Healing
    Scarab Grandmaster Two-Handed Sword
    Wasp's Wing Expert Traps
    Braided Leather Belt Grandmaster Axe
    Daria's Belt Master Theurgism
    Misha's Belt ?
    Ancient Chain Mail Segment Master Long Sword
    Coat for Geezer Proficient Mysticism
    Minka's Boots Proficient Meditation
    Missing Boots Master Armorsmith
    Envelope for Holiph Grandmaster Thaumaturgy
    Parchment from Marti Master Mysticism
    Envelope for Litula Grandmaster Thaumaturgy
    Note from Geezer Grandmaster Necromancy
    Devo's Book Master Mysticism
    Walther the Wizard Grandmaster Mace
    Scrap of Decrepit Scabbard Master Short Sword
    Fossilized Toad Proficient Thaumaturgy
    Driftwood Expert Necromancy
    Petrified Wood ?
    Shark Tooth Proficient Sorcery
    Black Diamond Grandmaster Sorcery
    Mara's Key Master Thaumaturgy
    Stench's Tools Proficient Theurgism
    Fembrel Wrench Proficient Theurgism
    White Thread Grandmaster Shield Usage
    Special Order of Fabric ?
    Carved Flute Grandmaster Two-Handed Sword
    Special Wen Cheese Master Short Sword, Grandmaster Club, Master Traps
    Grain Bread of Murias Expert Theurgism, Master Two-Handed Sword
    Strange Curio                            Master Meditation 


  • Scrolls


    Ancient Rune from Drune Master Sorcery
    Authorization ?
    Image of Duach Master Alchemy
    Ancient Faerie Parchment Proficient Meditation
    Scroll of Astilrades Grandmaster Armorsmith
    Scroll of Astilrades Grandmaster Armorsmith