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This is the area for general, strange, and otherwise uncatoregized questions. If you have a question and answer you would like to submit for this page, please use the links page to contact me.



What is the Maximum Strength for an All Strength Giant Warrior?


How many items does it take to go from 40 to 41?

Six items with strength.

What's up with movement rates?

The Penalty to movement rate starts at 36% encumberment. The penalty itself is a reduction of the unencumbered movement rate that is porportional to the amount that encumberment exceeds 35%. In other words, each % that you go up in encumberment is an equal penalty to movement rate.


Uhh huh... and what about critical strike?

Critical strike deals double damage on a successful hit. The critical strike books increase your chance to hit critically, not the amount of damage you deal when you do.

Ok... tell me about alignment.

Each alignment, good, neutral, and evil, has three ranges. They are:
beautific/good/benevolent - benign/neutral/malignant - malevolent/evil/demonic
When you're sitting good aligned, then evil monsters may jump you, based on your hitpoints. When you're sitting evil aligned, good monsters may jump you, based on your hitpoints.

What are the drop-only spellbooks?

Anti Magic Aura, Unlock, Forget, Duach's Vengeance, Enid's Blessing, Illusionary Foe, Sand Storm, Gust of Wind, Fumble, Mass Fumble, Summon Doppleganger, Despothes Wrath, Mabons Forced Flee.