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Welcome Back!

One of the mainstays of The Realm Online, one of the reasons that it has continued running for so long, is the fact that players are constantly returning to it.


So this page is dedicated to letting the players know what they missed during their sojourn, and what exciting things they can expect to find. Oh, and we'll try to remind them of a few things they may have forgotten along the way...


Ascetos Deep Desert was added to the game, to provide a more difficult hunting area. This area replaced the graveyard. It was common to get jumped by as many as nine wyrms (baby dragons) at a time.

The realm added magical helms which provided bonuses such as extra attacks, sustanence, myst resistance, and extra defense.

Not long after that, a new area was added to the game. The maze was originally designed for end-game play. The Maze Master dropped a magical baldric TMMB that became very popular.

Helm drops were increased, and techniques for taking the maze on at level 150, or lower, were devised. Myst resist sets became common, with Nightmare Helms and amulets of free will providing complete resistance.

EB dropped like crazy for a while, then became scarce again. Ama drops like crazy. DV drops more often than EB, but less often than Ama.

Enter Dragon Pit. Dragon Pit became THE place to hunt, and dropped incredible gear. The Dungeon was closed, and the drops were significantly nerfed. Eventually, a redesigned DP was opened, DP gear was reinstated, and a second, lower version of DP gear, dropped off of other creatures. Dragon Pit remains the most difficult dungeon to run, requiring a full group of six level 1k characters. The reward? Some truly impressive gear, available through no other dungeon or creature.

Magic was somewhat reworked. Immo scales from level now, no longer off of the sdm of the casting mage. SDM and level factors into the effectiveness of damaging spells. Wizards got their boom back. Magical amulets that boosted a particular spell damage took a heavy nerf. They weren't needed any more. Healing comes off of SDM, and not the health of the AEGW, err, the health of the caster.

The game changed hands, moving to Norseman.

Crystal Mountains and Northern Steppes, low to mid level hunting areas, were added north of Caer Fandry.

The Konge and the Fallows were added to the side of Ascetos Desert. They provide an alternative leveling area from 300ish up, for players tired of killing knights in the desert.

And... that's pretty much what you missed.

Start off easy and get used to the game again. Use the items menu to look at the magical helms, weapons, and armor. Watch five. The economy has appreciated significantly. Deals are made for billions of dollars.

Channel 4 is still full of kind, helpful folks who will help get you where you need to be to play the game again.

Read the trading guide before you get back into the market. Wait long enough to sell any items you might still have, or find, so that you really know what they're worth, and who to trust as a trader or a mp'er.


And welcome back to The Realm Online!

We missed you.